APRIL 2024
Our brand new single 'Oh Yeah' is out now on all major digital platforms. 

'Oh Yeah' is the second single from our new album 'Ghosts'. Check out the music video for this crazy little song below. We are preparing the album for a summer release and it sounds, what the kids today would refer to as, fire 🔥🔥🔥. We have spoken to a number of people we know with kids and have it on good authority that 'fire' actually means 'very good', so that's great news for us.​​​​​​​ DINKY x


Happy New Year my fine friends!
We had a bit of downtime over the festive period so we decided it would be a good time to start getting our new music video ready. 
We filmed the video for ‘Oh Yeah’, the next single from our forthcoming album ‘Ghosts’, back in September but had to leave it for a while to focus on promotional duties for ‘It’s Not About You’. 
Speaking of our current single, we have just uploaded an acoustic version that we recorded for Barstool Music UK on our YouTube page. You can check it out here. We also wanted to say a big thank you to all the radio stations and podcasts around the world that have played the single and to all the magazines that reviewed it 
A release date for ‘Oh Yeah’ will be announced soon but we are currently in pre-production for another music video which we are filming at the end of this month, so keep your eye on our socials for news.
Until we meet again. DINKY x

Artwork for 'Oh Yeah'.

Our brand new single 'It's Not About You' is out now on all major digital platforms. 
'It's Not About You' is the first single from our upcoming third album 'Ghosts' which is due for release early next year. It's great to be back with new music and we're looking forward to sharing the album and all the other shenanigans we've been working on.
You can watch the official music video for the track below. It was probably the most fun we've had making a video and we hope it brings you some joy too.


Thought we'd write an update post as we’ve been getting a lot of messages on our socials lately asking for info on the new album.
So, we have decided to push the release date back to early 2024. We are just finalising the mixes in the studio and then the aim is to start putting out some singles before the album. The first single, 'It’s Not About You’ will be released on 21st October and will be available on all major streaming platforms. The music video was a lot of fun to shoot and we can't wait to share it :)
We are currently in pre-production for another music video which we'll be shooting this month and have been chatting about a lot more concepts for future videos, so there is plenty of stuff coming your way soon. Speaking of which . . . 
We’ve also been sorting out the track listing for a compilation album of unreleased recordings and getting all the permissions etc. We are back in the studio soon to record a few extra bits and re-master some tracks so we might drop this album next year too.
In other news, our music video for 'Oxygen' has been nominated for Best Music Video and will be shown as part of the Worcester Film Festival this year. The video will be shown at the Odeon Cinema, Foregate St, Worcester on Thursday 05th October at 13.00pm before a series of short films. Tickets are available here.
Gig news: we've been invited to play at the Kidderminster Music Festival on Saturday 23rd September and Gav and Adam will be recording a live set for the Narrowboat Sessions later this month. We'll share the session soon.
That's all for now munchkins!

'It's Not About You' - Single Artwork

JUNE 2023
A few weeks ago, we teamed up with Kirsop Media to shoot a new music video for our next single ‘It’s Not About You’. A release date for the single and the accompanying video will be announced over the summer as we are still mixing the album. Keep an eye on our socials for more updates and some photos from the shoot. Plans for a few more videos are also underway.
We are also compiling a compilation album of demos, live recordings and unreleased tracks. It’s been a lot of fun trawling through the archives and we’ll be putting the artwork together later in the year. We are also planning to go back to the studio to record a few pieces for the album but the final track listing is still being decided.
Once we have the next two albums finished, we are going to start work on some more new music in the studio but our lips are sealed about this for now!!

Taken backstage at The Dark Horse, Moseley

MARCH 2023
Last week we finished all the tracking in the studio for the new album and now our producer is currently working on the mixes. While we wait for him to work his magic, we have started to think about music videos and what the first single will be. We have also created a page on the website for the album and will update it with some more information and footage from the studio. Click here and the internet fairies will escort you to the page for free.
In other news, the wonderful Eclipse Records in Walsall have a few copies of our last album ‘Open Letters’ in stock and we will be announcing some more live shows soon. A few dates have been added to the Live page (ask the fairies to take you there after you’ve read about our new album).
​​​​​​​Stay classy. DINKY x
Happy New Year!
Just a quick check in to say that we are back in the studio over the next few months to finish recording a few final tracks for the new album. We haven’t decided on a release date yet as we might put out a few singles first, so keep an eye on our socials for updates and check out the teaser trailer below. Until we meet again... DINKY x
December 2022
Season's Greetings.
Work on the new album is a little behind schedule. Our Producer is currently building a new studio and the aim is to finish off the album once it’s up and running. We have some dates booked in January and February next year to pick up where we left off. 
We can reveal that the new album will be called ‘Ghosts’ but we can't decide what the first single will be. More updates coming soon.
To fill the gap while we wait to finish the album, we’ve been writing some more new material and have finished putting together a short feature on the making of our ‘In Her Eyes’ music video from all the left-over & behind the scenes footage.
That’s all for now folks, happy holidays and see you next year. DINKY x
October 2022
Hey pop pickers, apparently, the key to a successful online presence is to post content regularly. So, it must be time for our next bimonthly update! You’re welcome.
We are back in the studio next month to continue work on the new album. We’ve had some time off recently to play some more gigs and design the album artwork, but we’ve been preparing some samples and recordings of other musicians to add when we get back in the studio. We are looking to start mixing towards the end of the year.
As always, a big thank you to all the radio stations and podcasts that have played one of our tracks over the last few months, HMV Vault and all the promoters we’ve worked with and lastly, to all the people who have seen one of our shows this year. Here is a video taken from a very lovely intimate acoustic gig we recently played at The Dark Horse. DINKY x
August 2022
Now that the summer gig season is coming to an end, we just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone we’ve met or shared a stage with over the last few months. It’s been amazing to play live again after such a long break and the reaction to the new material has been incredible.
We will be continuing work on the new album in October and are looking to put out the first single in early 2023. It’s the biggest album we’ve ever worked on so bear with us (that means you will need to wait a while longer, not dress up as a bear and hang out with us – although that would be kinda cool).
Finally, we are excited to announce that we will perform in-store at HMV Vault in Birmingham on Saturday 3rd September. Danny & Gav will perform two acoustic sets. HMV Vault is the largest store in their chain and the largest dedicated entertainment store in Europe and it’s a real honor to be invited to perform. We might also have a London date later in the year so keep checking the Live page for updates. DINKY X
Live at HMV
June 2022
Just a short update this month as we’ve mainly been working on the new album and preparing our live set for a series of upcoming shows.
Since our last confession, we’ve been finishing off some tracks that we started earlier this year and recorded more new material for the album. We also recently recorded a live session at Fordhouse Studios in Birmingham with Producer Forbes Coleman which was a lot of fun and we may include some of it in another release we have planned.
We are taking a break from the album over the summer to work on some other studio projects and to focus on playing live. Check out the live page for details on where you can see us this summer. We are adding new dates all the time so we hope to see some friendly faces! DINKY x
March 2022
You may have recently seen on our socials that we recorded a track for the new Welcome to Stourbridge compilation album. The album features some amazing local artists covering other local artists’ music. We covered a track called ‘Spiralling’ from the band Mistrusted which also features Josh from the band Liberty Lies on Keyboard. 
The album is available to buy here with all proceeds going to the Mary Stevens Hospice, Stourbridge. At the time of writing this, physical copies have nearly all sold out. 
We’ve also been working on our new album over the last few weeks and it’s shaping up rather nicely. Also keep an eye on our Live page as details of some gigs will be added very soon.
February 2022
Ay up me ducks! (google it), we are happy to announce that we have officially started work in the studio on our new album. It’s too early to give a release date at this stage as we are writing the album as we go this time around. We’ve started on the first 7 tracks and will be writing and rehearsing the next batch to record towards the summer. I think we are looking to record around 15 in total along with some b-sides too.
A big thank you to all the radio stations and podcasts that have featured us over the last few months. The support has been amazing and we’ve received airplay in Ireland, Canada, Cambodia, America, Philippines, India, Germany, Spain, Brazil, South Africa and of course the UK. Mind blowing.
And in other news, Paul Draper’s (ex Mansun) new album Cult Leader Tactics is out now. Gav was lucky enough to take part in a choir that features on the track ‘Lyin Bout Who U Sleep With’. The album is available on Kscope Records. DINKY x
December 2021
Well, I guess this is the final round up for the year!
We’ve mainly been busy rehearsing and writing for our next album. We officially start work in the studio in January on the first batch of songs and we honestly can't wait.  We’ve been writing really well over the last few months and the album is shaping up nicely. There’s around 20 new songs being worked on but we haven’t decided which ones will make the cut yet.
We’ve also been spending some time in the studio collaborating with Josh from the band Liberty Lies on a track for a new compilation album. More details on that when we’ve got them.
Our debut album ‘Falling Satellites’ will be finally be out on all major streaming platforms this month. Sorry it’s taken so long to make this available.
Finally, Gav will appear on the track ‘Lyin Bout Who U Sleep With’ on the new Paul Draper album ‘Cult Leader Tactics’ (out on 28th January 2022). Gav took part in a lockdown choir that was put together and he’s a very happy bunny to have a credit on the album.
See you next year.

Interview with the owner of MAS Records. Filmed in August 2021

November 2021
Thank you to everyone who has watched our latest music video for 'Oxygen'. It was a great video to make and we appreciate the support. 
So what is the video about? Well some people worked it out, some people wanted clues and some people were very confused. We knew the ambiguity of it would need to be explained, so we've put together this short 'Making the video' feature which explains everything.
The single is still available to download for free over at our Bandcamp page.

October 2021
Our brand new single 'Oxygen' is out now. Check out the official music video and let us know if you can figure out what the hell is going on! There will be a 'Making the video' feature released on our YouTube page shortly which delves deeper into the mystery.
This will be last release from our Open Letters album as we start work on album 3 in January.  We are also heading into the studio next month to record a song for a new compilation album that's coming out soon so there's plenty of new music on the way.
You can get a free download of Oxygen along with some never before heard B-sides here
July 2021

Some of you may be thinking, haven’t they already released this track and haven’t I seen the video before? 
The answer is yes and … well sort of. Since we originally put this song out, it has continued to receive global airplay on a regular basis and so many people have contacted us about the track that we felt it deserved a re-release. So we made a new version of the music video (before the world went to shit) which you can check out HERE.
There is also a short ‘Making the Video’ feature on our YouTube channel. 
Also, head over to our Bandcamp page for a free download of the single along with some B-side rarities. We really do spoil you lot! 
Later in the year we will be releasing 'Oxygen', the final single from our Open Letters album. Gav is currently putting the finishing touches to the music video which is already looking super fine.
May 2021
Last month we shot the music video for the track 'Oxygen' which will probably be the last single from our Open Letters album . 
The video was directed by Gav and filmed by Chas Sheppard. We met Chas a last year when he filmed us performing a live session for Barstool Music UK and we asked him if we would be interested in working on something with us when lockdown restrictions eased.
We will also be re-releasing 'Jennifer Against The World' soon with a new version of the video. The track has been receiving a lot of airplay again recently so we can't wait to show you the new video.
In other news, we have a few summer gigs confirmed so we've been busy rehearsing and trying to remember how to play again! We hope to add some new dates soon so keep checking the Live page for updates. 

Update June 2021: Unfortunately both gigs have now been cancelled due to the governments recent announcement on the delay to ease restrictions.
March 2021
While we wait for lockdown restrictions to ease, we just wanted to say a few thank yous and let you know what we are plotting.
We are continuing to receive a load of airplay for songs from our latest album. Big thank you to some of the new stations including; Hive Radio Manchester, The HitMix 107.5fm and Ian Marrey at Black Country Radio for his very kind words about the band.
We are currently working on the storyboard for our next music video which will be for the track 'Oxygen'. We are shooting the video in April and hope to have the single out shortly after. We are also speaking to promoters about gigs so I expect some dates will be added to our live page soon.
Lastly, Bandcamp are still waiving their revenue share on sales on the first Friday of each month to support artists so please bare this in mind if you're looking to buy a release from us. All money will be going back into the studio for the third album.
January 2021 - Happy New Year
Hey, how's it all going? Enjoying lockdown # 71 or whatever it is now?
Our next single 'Oxygen' features on the latest podcast from the good folk at Epic Brum. The podcast showcases some of the brightest emerging artists from the local music scene and we are delighted to be featured on their show for a second time. Click on the image for the link.
We were planning on shooting the music video for the track in December but Boris Johnson told us we couldn't so we are currently waiting for restrictions to be lifted so we can start filming. So until then, stay safe and we will see you at a gig soon!!!
October 2020 - Live session for Barstool Music UK
We recently recorded a live acoustic session for Barstool Music UK along with a very weird Covid friendly interview behind a bar! Big thank you to the team at Barstool Music UK and Chas Sheppard for inviting us to perform. Here is our performance of 'In Her Eyes' and you can check out the full video here.
September 2020 - Raw Sound TV
Just before the first lockdown we were invited to perform a few tracks for Raw Sound TV. Unfortunately I lost my voice and we had to cancel last minute. Sad times :(
A few months later, lockdown restrictions eased a little and we were asked back to kick start their 7th series. We performed new song "It's Not About You", our current single "Somewhere I Want To Be" and a short interview. Good times :)
We also recorded a sneaky third song which will be included as a bonus track on a future episode. Sneaky times ;)​​​​​​​
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